That's the title of our new book which is now available from P & R publishers.

Perhaps you wonder what a book with such a title is all about. Or, at least I hope you do. This illustration from the Introduction to the book will explain. "Some time ago, a friend of mine told me about a man who introduced himself to a group as a hired killer. As you can imagine, the other people in the group were quite shocked (and perhaps a bit uneasy) to have someone in their midst who was so bold in announcing to the world that he was a hired killer. Fortunately, their concern was eliminated as the man went on to explain that he worked for a company that exterminated insect and animal pests.According to the Bible, every believer should devote himself to being a killer – not of people or animal pests, but of sin. Put sin to death or it will destroy you and others. We write this book out of the biblical conviction that continuing in sin is a serious and dangerous matter. It is a foolish thing to mock or make light of sin (Proverbs 14:9)."

That, along with the subtitle of the book Taking Aim at Sin Within, summarizes what our book The Fight to the Death is all about. We wrote the book because we believe that often we and others don't recognize how awful and destructive sin really is. We wrote this book because we have found through our counseling experience that many people who are concerned about fighting sin and promoting holiness in their lives don't know how to fight and overcome sin in their lives.

That's why we have included two major sections in the book. One section is devoted to explaining why we should fight sin in our lives and another is devoted to presenting a biblical procedure for actually putting sin in our lives to death.We see these two things (a lack of understanding of how serious sin is and a lack of knowing how to actually overcome sin in a practical way) as two great needs in the lives of Christians today."

We agree with one reviewer of the book that sin is not a popular subject, but just as a cancer patient needs to learn about his disease, every sinner needs to understand the seriousness of his condition and its cure."What do you think? In your judgment, do you agree that many Christians take sin too lightly? And, now be honest, do you think that you take sin too lightly? If so, what are you doing about it to change that? What suggestions would you give to others to change that?

And incidentally, if you live in the western part of the USA, you might want to tune into Pilgrim Radio on Thursday evening for an hour long program in which Bill Feltner interviewed me on this very subject. Amazing what modern technology can do – I was in South Africa and he was in Nevada, but we could and did discuss the subject even though we were thousands of miles apart. Must run now in that it's almost time for church here in South Africa.

I'm excited in that today I get to preach God's Word and minister to His people. I'll be expositing and applying a passage of Scripture and the title of my message will be Which is it: Jesus Yes and Church No or Jesus Yes and Church Yes? I hope you answer that question biblically.