1. You are the most fascinating person you know.

2. You find yourself thinking alot about and being hurt often by the way someone looked at you or the tone someone used when they were talking to you.

3. People seem afraid to tell you that you are wrong.

4. You often say to yourself, 'if only people just did what I want…'

5. You find yourself complaining about other people often..

6. You hate it when people are better at something than you.

7. You are often bored when other people are talking to you.

8. You rarely say 'I don't know' or 'I'll have to think about that' when someone asks you a question.

9. You find yourself wishing more people noticed you.

10.  You often say to yourself, 'I just don't understand how any could be that dumb.'                                                            

11. Even though the person you are listening to may be godly and may be well-trained in the Scripture and even though what he is saying may be biblical, you just don't get much out of his messages.                                                                                 

12.  You can't think of more than two or three ways you need to change.                                                                                                     

13.  You are a gossip.                                                         

14.  You can't remember the last time you repented.               

15.  People annoy you.  Alot.

Any more ideas?