If you've been reading our recent posts, you are aware that we've been focusing on what Augustine called the most important Christian virtue, namely, humility. Pride as Joel Beeke and others have stated is the first sin to rear its head and the last to go when we die. God hates pride and loves humility. God is opposed to the proud and gives grace to the humble. Identifying ways in which our pride manifests itself and how will humility manifest itself is a useful procedure for us as we seek to defeat pride in our lives and develop increased humility. Because this is true, we have designed two pride and humility inventories to assist us in this endeavor. One of them is included in this present post and theo other will be inluded in the next blog. To diminish your PQ (rpide quotient) and increase your HQ (humility quotient) we eoncourage you to take these inventories and then confess, repent, plan how and where you need to change and then put your plan into practice. Since humility is considered by God to be such an important quality and since we are so prone to be proud, this inventory can be helpful in promoting spiritual growth in our lives. Read through each of the manifestations of humility and then rate yourself using the following rating scale: 4 = always true of you; 3 = frequently true of you; 2 = sometimes; 1 = seldom; 0 = never. On the items where you recognized your lack of humility, confess that lack to God as a sin and ask Him for help to change. Periodically, complete this inventory to promote spiritual growth in humility. Perhaps you would like to ask an honest, brave and loving friend to evaluate how he/she would rate you on these items.

True Humility in terms of your behavior before God:1. I heartily and freely acknowledge my insignificance and littleness before God. _____

2. I freely confess my sinfulness and unworthiness to God and acknowledge that I am totally unworthy of His mercy and grace _____

3. I am distrustful of myself (Isaiah 2:22; Jeremiah 17:5,6) and know that ultimately I can only put my complete and absolute trust in God. (Jeremiah 17:7,8). _____

4. I renounce all the glory of the good I possess and do, and give God allthe glory and credit (Psalm 115:3). _____

5. I am respectful of, receptive, responsive and obedient to God’s Word even when it tells me to do what is difficult and contrary to my own opinion or the opinion of others (Luke 9:23,24). _____

6. I accept and submit myself to God’s revealed will even if it is difficult to do and might cause others to criticize me and lose respect for me when I do it (Matthew 5:5; 10-12). _____

7. I am content with the providence and daily provisions of God for my life Hebrews 13:5,6; Philippians 4:10-13). _____

8. I delight in worshipping and praising God (Psalm 34:1-3; Philippians 3:3; Psalm 10:1-6). _____

9. I am continuously seeking God in prayer (Luke 18:1; I Thessalonians 5:16; Philippians 4:6). . _____

10. I consider serving Christ in small and insignificant and unnoticed things – basin and towel things -as well as tasks that are considered by others to be important and bring recognition as a great privilege. _____

11. I am content to let God know some things that I don’t know; I don’t require God to explain whatever He is doing to me; I rest in His wisdom and love and grace when the reasons for events and circumstances are not clear to me (Romans 11:32-36; Deuteronomy 29:29). _____

12. I realize that God doesn’t owe me anything except hell and that any pleasures I experience in this life are wholly undeserved. _____

13. When I experience suffering or unpleasantries I don’t get upset or bitter with God; nor do I think or say, "How could God ever allow this to happen to me ? God isn’t treating me as well as I should be treated. I don’t deserve this. I’ve tried to serve Him, I’ve read my Bible and prayed faithfully, I’ve gone to church regularly, I’ve given to Him, I’ve witnessed. I’ve tried to be moral. God should treat me better than this." ____

(Adapted from Wayne and Joshua Mack’s book, Humility: A Forgotten Virtue, P & R Publishers)