To diminish your PQ (pride quotient) and increase your HQ (humility quotient) we encourage you to take this inventory and then confess, repent, plan how and where you need to change and then put your plan into practice.

Take the following True Humility Inventory which is designed to evaluate our pride and humility quotient. Since humility is considered by God to be such an important quality and since we are so prone to be proud, this inventory can be helpful in promoting spiritual growth in our lives. Read through each of the manifestations of humility and then rate yourself using the following rating scale: 4 = always true of you; 3 = frequently true of you; 2 = sometimes; 1 = seldom; 0 = never. On the items where you recognized your lack of humility, confess that lack to God as a sin and ask Him for help to change. Periodically, complete this inventory to promote spiritual growth in humility. Perhaps you would like to ask an honest, brave and loving friend to evaluate how he/she would rate you on these items.

True Humility in terms of our behavior toward men:

1. I am not selfishly ambitious or greedy of the honor and appreciation of men. ____

2. I am not ostentatious around people; I don’t try to impress people with my intelligence or abilities or status in life. ____

3. I am not arrogant or assuming or presumptuous in my behavior toward people. ____

4. I am not scornful nor contemptuous or demeaning to people. ____

5. I am not willful nor stubborn in my behavior toward people. ____

6. I don’t seek to level those who are over me or have authority over me;

I show respect for and am willing to submit to God ordained authorities. ____

7. I show respect for and am willing to submit to others who are not as educated or gifted as I may be. ____

8. I am not defensive when others rebuke me or criticize me. ____

9. I am willing to confess my sins and faults to others and frequently do so. ____

10. I am willing to accept instruction and correction from others. ____

11. I am willing to serve others and not be upset when I don’t receive appreciation for what I’ve done. ____

12. It doesn’t bother me when others are honored more than I am. ____

13. It doesn’t bother me when others are honored for something I’ve done. ____

14. I am willing to sacrificially serve others even if they are not willing to serve or help me. ____

15. I am willing to sacrificially serve others even if it involves hardship and difficulty. ____

16. I am willing to listen to others rather than talk or express my opinion. ____

17. I am willing to seek and follow good counsel. ____

18. When I must make decisions I seek the input and perspectives of others before acting. ____

19. I display a lifestyle of truthfulness even if others may be upset with me for telling the truth about what I have done or said. ____

20. I am Christlike in my attitude and words and actions toward others.. ____

(Adapted from Wayne and Joshua Mack’s book, Humility: A Forgotten Virtue, P& R Publishers)