Dear Praying Friends,   

I just finished my second week of teaching at The Master’s College. It went well with students from all over the USA and from other places -England, South Africa , Brazil, Canada. The one from Africa says her husband is enrolled for our fall classes at Grace School of Ministry in Pretoria – he’s a homeopathic doctor from the Durban area in South Africa. I just received news from South Africa that we are receiving quite a few applications for the course we will  begin to teach at Grace School of Ministry in October of this year. I presented our work in RSA – GSM and orphanages at Grace Community. Have already done this at Grace Fellowship in Pennsylvania and The Bible Church of Little Rock and at Calvary Bible Church in Burbank this Sunday. Result – a number of people want to give and pray for the work. Example – a pastor who is a student from Ohio told me that he wants to encourage his church to take us and our work on as missionaries. He was present when I presented the work at Grace Community and said he only wished that it had been video taped so he could show it to his church. He said he knows the people from his church would be interested in coming and helping us do construction work on buildings we want to put up. He said they had guys who are skilled in construction work. He said they want to support missionaries who are committed to biblical counseling. Others have given some money for Grace School of Ministry with one man telling me he wants to make a monthly contribution so that black pastors can attend our school and also receive good books for their ministry. 

One of my students at The Master’s College works for Capital Ministries – a ministry to people involved in government. This student gave me the name of someone who has a foundation that supports Christian activities. She heard my presentation and said she thought that this foundation would be interested in the type of thing we’re doing with GSM and the orphanage. She said they prefer development projects. Any suggestions about the how and who of raising support for our ministries will be appreciated. 

Incidentally, for anyone who is already supporting our training or orphanage ministries or would be interested in doing so, a DVD of our 2006 ministries is available. Just contact us and we will be glad to send you a copy. Also, our new book Out of the Blues is now available. You may purchase a copy from our resource site or Audubon Press.   

Carol was one of the speakers at the Women’s conference recently at The Master’s College. There were about 600 women in attendance. Had to cut off registrations in that the room couldn’t hold any more ladies. 

We  returned to Little Rock on Monday and will resume the three classes I’m teaching there on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are enjoying our time in Little Rock – doing a lot of teaching, some preaching and counseling. The people are very friendly and receptive. They provide an apartment for us out in the mountains surrounding Little Rock. 

Our son Josh just returned from four weeks of ministry and making contacts in South Africa. He and his family ares planning on moving to South Africa to help in the various ministries of Grace Fellowship Church in South Africa. These ministries include sponsoring Shepherd’s Conferences, an orphanage ministry and training pastors at the Grace School of Ministry. He and his family will be coming to South Africa as soon as a replacement is found for him at the church he pastors and the necessary financial support is raised. He has already been accepted by Grace Missions International (the missionary agency  of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Californiua) as one of their missionaries.

Beth, our daughter, who is Director of Women’s Ministries at Grace Christian Church in Johannesburg is doing great. She is thoroughly enjoying her ministry in the church and AID’S homes. She just moved into a new home with help from the pastor and his wife of the church in which she ministers and Calvary Bible Church in Burbank, California.. She will be doing a women’s conference at Grace Fellowship Church in Pretoria on the last Saturday of July.

We will be returning to South Africa to teach at Grace School of Ministry as soon as our teaching commitments in The USA and Mexico are completed. We will be teaching some week long biblical counseling modules  in the fall and then again in the spring of 2007 as well as doing preaching, teaching, mentoring, consulting, writing and counseling. Carol will counsel women, join me in counseling couples, conduct women’s Bible Studies and speak at women’s conferences.

Well, that’s the older Mack review for the time being. Lord willing, we’ll be in touch with other information in the future. Thanks for your interest and support and please pray for us and the rest of the family as we seek to serve Him and His people.

Because of grace, 

Wayne and Carol Mack, Missionaries sent out by Grace Missions International to strengthen churches through teaching and doing biblical counseling.  You may reach us at Our web site is