I know I’m not in Dad’s category, but I just wrote down some of the tasks I need to get accomplished this year…

Finish my doctoral dissertation.

Raise funds to move to South Africa.

Pastor Grace Church in Coopersburg.

Teach two new classes at Plumstead Christian School.

Help develop the philosophy of ministry for Tshofelo Children’s Home as well as discover support.

Find a replacement for me at Grace.

Transition the church smoothly.

Each one of these things by themselves is beyond me.  Seriously.  There’s only one that seems like it might be somewhat easy and that is teaching two classes at Plumstead and sitting here writing that I know I shouldn’t because if I say I think it might be easy that probably means it isn’t going to be nearly as easy as I think. 

I need God’s help.  In a big way.

If you think of it, could you please pray for me?  These are just tasks and they are beyond me.  Imagine all the other really important stuff, like being a godly man and discipling my wife and children and reaching out to unbelievers with the gospel.