People have asked for a listing of items for prayer: So here is that list.

Please pray for the items on Joshua’s previous blog about him and his move to RSA with all that has to be done prior to that.

Praise for God’s continuing faithfulness and goodness.

Praise for the opportunities to serve Him and for the kindness of fellow Christians.

Praise for people who love His Word and are being changed through the teaching of His Word.

Praise for the way the Lord is beginning the process of Josh and Marda’s move to RSA.

Praise to God for Werner and Thomas and Hanrais IN South Africa who are looking after our house in Pretoria while we are away.

Praise to God for the dear brothers and sisters in RSA who love Christ and love us and are praying for us.

Praise to God for His mercy and grace and willingness to put up with us and even use us in spite of our weakness and frailty.

Praise to God for the students who are continuing to enroll at Grace School of Ministry for courses this October.

Praise for the publishing of my books Out of the Blues and Sweethearts for a Lifetime.

Praise to God for the dedicated pastors and people of The Bible Church of Little Rock who take care of us and provide for us while in the USA.

Praise to God for the way He is blessing and expanding the ministry of The Bible Church of Little Rock and other churches in the USA.

Praise to God for the 49 years of marriage that Carol and I have been privileged to have with each other.

Praise to God for 49 years of privileged service for Christ that Carol and I have had together in various parts of the USA, other parts of the world and now in RSA.

Praise to God for all the people who have loved us, encouraged us, challenged us, comforted us, been loyal to us, ministered to us, put up with us and been willing to allow us to minister to them for the last 49 years.

Pray for our continuing courses we’re teaching here in Little Rock (3 times a week) and then on to Mexico for a conference at the beginning of September.

Pray for healing for Carol’s hand.

Pray for the stabilization of my blood sugar level.

Pray for all the things that need to fall into place before Josh and family move to RSA.

Pray for strength to do all we must do prior to our return to RSA.

Pray for more eager students for Grace School of Ministry courses in October. We already have a sizable enrollment, but would still ike to have more.

Pray for more godliness and improved likeness to Christ on our part.

Pray for Ryan, Ian, Joel and others in RSA who are working on GSM and Tschofleo orphanage details in RSA.

Pray for all of the details related to the development of Tshofelo orphanage in Pretoria, for Hanrais, for the board, for all the necessary government details to be expedited, for the raising of funds for constructing the buildings.

Pray that God might cause people to give so that the funds necessary for the operation of GSM and Tshofelo orphanages and training schools might be raised.

Pray for a movement of the Spirit in bringing people to Christ and building them up in Christ in RSA and the USA and all over the world.

Pray for our families that all of them might be increasingly devoted to Christ and serve Him with all their hearts. Pray for them and us as we are separated from one another.

Pray for the Christians in America that they might realize that since God has blessed us with material blessings they might recognize their stewardship and more diligently use what they have for His glory.

Pray for the ministry in which our daughter, Beth, is involved in the Joburg area – Lambano orphanage homes and Grace Christian Church and Mercy Christian Church.

Pray for Pastors Lance Quinn, James Henrich and Todd Murray as they leave soon to speak at a Reformation conference in Zambia sponsored by the church where Conrad Mbewe is the pastor. They are expecting pastors and people from many parts of Africa. They will also be making contact with Christian leaders in South Africa to see how they can partner with the churches in RSA in ministry.

I could go on, but that’s probably as much as you can handle for the present. Thanks you for your support.

http://www.themacks.wordpress.comYours because we’re His,

Wayne and Carol Mack
Psalm 115:1; Romans 14:7, 8

Missionaries to South Africa
Professor of Biblical Counseling at Grace School of Ministry in South Africa
Adjunct Professor of Biblical Counseling at The Master’s College (July)