We just returned from a time of ministry in Mexico and San Antonio, Texas. In Texas we spent time with Dr. Marshall Asher, an elder in charge of Biblical Counseling at Believer’s Fellowship Church in San Antonio. We also had extended conversations with the chairman of their missions committee and another elder who is vitally interested in missions from the church. We had the opportunity of viewing with the Asher’s the DVD of our ministry in the last 9 months and leave it behind for the rest of the church to view. We spent a lot of time talking about the Grace School of Ministry and Tshofelo orphanage ministries in which we’re involved in South Africa. They would like to have all the information we can give them about these ministries.

When the orphanage is up and running, Dr. Asher who is a dentist would be thrilled to come over and use his skills as a dentist to help the children. We could probably get some physicians who are interested also.

Our time in Mexico City went well. 25 churches with many pastors represented. Biggest conference they’ve ever had – twice as big as any other conference they’ve had. They were thrilled. I’m so glad as it was encouraging to them. Really hungry people – went well even through a translator. PFG has translated several of my books into Spanish and at the conference they sold a pile of them with me autographing them. They’ve already distributed a lot of Strengthening Your Marriage in Spanish.

What a city Mexico City is – largest in the world – over 26 million people. Publiacione Faro Gracia (PFG) is translating and publishing some really good stuff – presently they have 1600 titles in their book store – they will soon be publishing our Life in the Father’s House and the Homework Manuals (all three) in Spanish. They’ve already done many of the books of Jay Adams and some of the works of John MacArthur. Some of Martin Lloyd Jones’ stuff is available. They want to blanket Spanish speaking countries with good Reformed literature.

Ligon Duncan along with myself and a few others are on the board – they interviewed him and me and are putting together a promo DVD using our interviews. They, of course, are trying to raise money to pay for publishing in that they want to keep the price low for Spanish pastors who really are somewhat poor.

Anyway, it was a great time – met many dedicated Spanish pastors and people. Pray for this worthy outreach ministry to the Spanish speaking people of the world. Especially pray for Wayne Andersen, the president of PFG and pastor of a church in Mexico City and Blair Smith and Julio who are his worthy assistants in the publishing ministry.