I love this comment about George Whitefield.

“No one who saw him could ever doubt that he enjoyed his religion.  Tried as he was in many ways through his ministry – slandered by some, despised by others, misrepresented by false brethren, opposed everywhere by the ignorant clergy of the time, worried by incessant controversy- his elasticity never failed him.  He was eminently a rejoicing Christian, whose very demeanor recommended his Master’s service.

A venerable lady of New York after his death when speaking of the influences by which the Spirit won her heart to God use these remarkable words – ‘Mr Whitefield was so cheerful that it tempted me to become a Christian.”

I wonder if people met us if they would think the same.  I wonder if they came into our worship services they would think the same.

As a side note, it’s interesting the author of this quote about Whitefield connects his cheerfulness with two other qualities… (TO READ THE REST CLICK HERE)