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Dear friends,

I hope you are doing well in the Lord, growing in your understanding of His love and grace.

I thought I might give you a brief update on what God’s doing in our lives. As you may know, my wife and I are looking to move to South Africa to serve the Lord as missionaries through Grace Ministries International.

We are pretty excited about the opportunity God’s giving us. For one, we’ll be able to serve in the local church as a pastor at Grace Fellowship Church Pretoria. Also, we have been asked to teach at Grace School of the Ministry – a training center for pastors and Christians who want to learn how to change and help others change biblically. And finally, we are in the process of beginning Tsholofelo Ministries – an orphanage for children affected by A.I.D.S.

We can hardly wait to get to Africa and dive into the work the Lord’s prepared for us. Before we can go though, GMI requires that we have 100% of our monthly support along with 100% of our outgoing funds. As of today God has provided approximately 60% of our monthly support and 5-7% of our outgoing funds.

To help answer common questions that may come our way we’ve put together a FAQ sheet. I hope it will help answer any questions you may have.

Thanks for prayerfully considering this wonderful opportunity.

Because of Him,

Joshua Mack

1. What agency will you be serving in Africa with?

We are happy to let everyone know that we will be sent out through our home church, Grace Fellowship Church of the Lehigh Valley. Additionaly, Grace Minsitries International the missionary sending arm of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, Ca. will handle the administrative end of our support. Grace Fellowship Church and Grace Ministries International are extremely compatible in doctrine and pupose.

The reasons for choosing this route are several. First, we believe the local church should have the primary role for making disciples locally, regionally and globably. Second, Grace Ministries International will handle the financial end of things without charging any administrative costs. Third, the doctrinal soundness and compatibility of GFC and GMI will assure that our ministry will be carried out with purity of doctrine and practice.

2. Is raising support biblical?

While Scripture gives us some general principles it doesn not give us much specific information for developing a ‘biblical’ method for supporting missionaries. We know Paul and Barnabas, for example, were sent out from the church at Antioch but we don’t know how their expenses were provided for. We know that Paul often worked as a tent-maker, but also received help from churches like the one in Philippi. He thanks them in his letter to them an dsays that God will bless them for their sacrifice. (Phil.4:16-18) In addition to churches helping missionaries, we also see individuals providing for those serving the Lord. In 3 John, the apostle commends Gaius for helping fellow workers by caring for their needs and helping them along the way.

These are just a couple examples of how missionaries were supported according to the Scripture. While some denominations provide for all the needs of their missionaries, others like us, have to raise all their support through churches, family, and friends who have a desire to help glorify God by investing in their ministry. As missionaries, we do not want to compete with in any manner with a believer’s commitment to giving to the local church in which you minister and are spiritually fed. If you would like to be part of our support team through giving beyond your commitment to your local church however, we would be very grateful and are confident God will bless you as you make this sacrifice.

3. Where and how should I send my gifts?

Grace Ministries International is providing the receipting and administration of our financial support. Upon receiving your gift they will post it, deposit it, send you a tax receipt with an easy to use return envelope for your next gift. Each month they will distribute the allotted salary and ministry disbursements to us on the field.

4. Are my gifts tax-deductible?

Yes. All gifts that are made out to Grace Ministries International are tax deductible. Gifts should be designated with “Josh and Marda Mack” on the memo line.

5. When should I begin sending my monthly support?

As soon as possible. The sooner monies begin arriving in our account the sooner they can begin accruing to our total support needs and the sooner we will be able to depart for the field. Even if you decide that you want your monthly support to begin the month we depart for South Africa we need you to let us know of that commitment as soon as possible so that it can be included and anticipated in the total required amount. The reason this is important is because we will not be permitted to leave until 100% of our support needs are committed.

6. Do I have to commit to give monthly?

While it is necessary for us to have 100% of our support committed prior to departure for the field, it is also possible to make quarterly, bi-annual or annual commitments. Special gifts that come to GMI designated for our account will go toward any shortfall we might have in monthly support or further ministry expenses.

7. What are your total support needs?

First, there is the monthly support category. After consulting with missionaries on the field, its been determined our Monthly Support is $4000.00

Second, there are outgoing funds. These are broken down as follows:


Transportation to the Field $7500

Field Vehicle $12000

Container for Shipping $4-6000

Housing Set Up $4000


In addition, GMI requires each missionary to have four months of accrued support in their accounts before departure. This helps with things like unforeseen contingencies and emergencies in country. In our case, four months accrued support represents $16000.

That means the toal amount of outgoing funds that needs to be in our account prior to departure is $45500.

8. How much more do you need to raise?

The current snapshot as of October 1st is as follows. God has provided $2300/monthly. That means we need $1700 more committed per month. In the outgoing funds category, God has provided $3000 which means we have$42500 to go.

9. What can we do?

Pray, pray, pray.

If you are in a position to do so, perhaps you could spread word of this ministry to others who may be interested in helping we would be very grateful. If you would like us to come to your church or even come to your home, we would be glad to share more information about the ministry with you.

If you would like to have a part financially, you may do so by:

1. Send check payable to:

Grace Ministries International

13248 Roscoe Blvd.
Sun Valley, Ca. 91352

Clearly designate check for Josh and Marda Mack in the memo section.

2. Or donate online at:

3. Or, GMI direct: arrangements can be made to send monies directly from your checking account. Call (818) 909-5728 to recieve an application form or you may request a form from us.

*Prepared with help of other missionaries


Dear Praying Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. What a privilege to know Him and serve Him! 

I’m writing this note to encourage you to praise God with us and also to ask you to pray for us. You may or may not know that we are involved in three related ministries in South Africa. One is the ministry of Grace School of Ministry, a ministry designed to equip men for Gospel ministry pastoring already established churches and planting new churches throughout Africa. Another is the development of Tsholofelo orphanages to give some of the millions of orphans in Africa an opportunity to be housed and trained in solid Christian homes. A third is our ministry along with Pastor Joel James in Grace Fellowship Church in Pretoria, RSA.

Grace Fellowship church is the church that sponsors and supervises all of these ministries along with annual Shepherd’s conferences in three locations and produces solid biblical materials (books, booklets, cd’s) for Christians throughout Africa.

In particular, I’m writing this note because I want you to praise God and pray with us for what is happening in connection with Grace School of Ministry. The course materials are prepared for the first classes scheduled to start in October of this year.

Northwest University in South Africa has agreed to allow us to teach the courses for which they will actually grant the Masters degree in Biblical Counseling to qualified students. Thus far we are very encouraged by the fact that we have had twenty seven people apply and be accepted for enrollment in our courses with more than seven others who are thinking very seriously about enrolling. To say that we are enthused about the potential for equipping people for effective ministry in South Africa through this school of ministry is an understatement of how we are thinking and feeling about this unique opportunity.

We are also rejoicing that our son Joshua and his family are planning to join us in all of these ministries in South Africa  Joshua is finishing work on his doctorate at Southern Seminary and seeking to raise financial and prayer support so that he can become a vital part of all these ministries. Please pray that God could provide the necessary support as soon as possible and that God would raise up a pastor to replace him in his pastorate in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania.  Please pray for Hanrias Brink, the elders and other members of Grace Fellowship Church in Pretoria who will provide leadership and direction for the Grace School of Ministry and the Tsholofelo orphanage ministry of Grace Fellowship Church.  

Constructing all the necessary buildings for housing the orphans and hiring staff will also require funds. To this point the money for building one of the homes has been pledged, but we need others to help us with the finances for others. It is estimated that each home for seven or eight orphans will cost about $70,000. make these details a matter of prayer and consider helping us or encouraging others to partner with us in tangible ways.

Every blessing from God our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Wayne and Carol Mack

Ephesians 3:20, 21

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